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Granada Spanish classic song operatic like Placido Domingo

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Guantanamera Cuban classic song - Kuya Manzano

Opera in the Philippines - Gianni Schicchi

Just came back from an art treat at the CCP in Manila

Sherwin Sozon directs and produces one act comic opera Gianni Schicchi by Puccini.

The Chinese Filipino tenor has now become a saviour of Philippine opera by loving it, and producing it, rehearsing for five months and giving it as a gift for Filipino audiences.

The challenge is to create the audience, to familiarize the local crowd with this classic form of art.

Around the world it's highly appreciated. And in the Philippines it has a hard path since the culture consumed is from the more modern times, like Broadway musicals. American colonization left their culture very strongly impronted, which is good coz now we Filipinos can enjoy them. Tho there is more out there.

Before Broadway musicals, the world had operas. And still nowadays all over the world there are opera productions where audiences really have to pay such big sums to watch.

So we are fortunate enough to have local productions like that of Lyric Opera.

Gala night Feb 12 2017 at the CCP as you can see in the poster:

Catch Noel Azcona as Gianni Schicchi, Jasmin Salvo and Eli Cortes as Lauretta, Nomher U. Nival and Randy Gilongo as Rinuccio, Vidagrace Lua Mirang as Zita, Carlo Bunyi as Simone, John Ocampos as Betto, Marie Antonette Pascual as Nella, Dave B. De Jesus as Gherardo, Chaii Salas as Gherardino, Jane Wee as La Ciesca, Joseleo Logdat as Marco, Jeff Ryan Villamor Basa as Spineloccio, John Pitas as Amantio di Nicolao and Kelvin Khristian Galano as Guccio together with Dr. Michelle Nicolasora as collaborating artist and music director.
Directed by Sherwin Sozon.

A fun play, fun and talented cast. Subtitles in English included so you can easily follow the story, tho acting is good so easy to follow in any case.

Great powerful voices with special mention to baritone Joseleo Logdat and tenor Nomher U. Nival.

And great acting and very versatile singing (you will know why if you watch) by Mr. Noel Azcona here in the picture speaking with producer director Sherwin Sozon beside.

Congrats to all the team, hope to join you in some artistic adventure in the future.

Happy to see Philippine Opera has a strong future ahead. Hands down to this producer who is brave and passionate to bring this to life, very hard task!

Love and Infinity, Kuya Manzano.