martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014

Back to Marco Polo the musical in 2015 playing Kublai Khan

Back to Marco Polo the musical in 2015 playing Kublai Khan

viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

11 July 2014

- Researching and improving Social Media marketing. 3h
- New Menu design for iChill web
- Sent requirements for Home Delivery company of iChill, pics and menu
- Revamping my old production company web in Spain:
- Cooked goodbye dinner for a friend leaving the country for a while? Or forever?

jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

10 July 2014: TV interview and meetings

- Settled apointments for new employees at iChill: they didn't come
- Poster printing for iChill
- Social media marketing
- Fixing the motorcycle again
- Interview for ANC TV Cityscape program by host Barbie Salvador
- Improving the looks of the food at iChill
- Meeting with customer rewarding system Pouch, studying possibilities of a better deal if they want to do it

miércoles, 9 de julio de 2014

9 July 2014: Fruitful Day!

Fuitful day!

- Social media marketing
- Created and promoted events for the weekend at iChill
- Checking on Pizza business to be incorporated to the menu at iChill
- Checking on electricity saving systems for iChill
- Meeting with Home Delivery system for iChill
- Meeting with Theater in Marikina and set a date for the Broadway concert already on July 26 at 6:30pm

It's good to publish here coz I achieve more! TY :-)

martes, 8 de julio de 2014

8 july 2014: Planting seeds.

Somedays money doesn't come in immediately, some days are for planting seeds.

- Fixed the motorcycle again.
- Passed by iChill to update the phone loading business
- Dropped bills fixing the motorcycle to the old owner who promised to reimburse part, waiting till next week for results.
- Got payed for my online writing job, yey! Vacation of that company till September...
- Started moving a concert in big public area in Manila.
- Contacting for meetings of the Broadway concert in other performing spaces.
- 10pm midnight and haven't really gotten any money in my pocket. I know I've done stuff today, planting planting, but I need my daily cash, right?
- Social media marketing
- Searching for more Spanish students
- Closing sponsorship deals for student ORGs with iChill
- Programming events for the weekend at iChill

So there. Didn't make immediate money, made some future money, which can serve for today :-)))

lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

7 July 2014: Spanish classes and business paper work.

- 2h Spanish classes with an extra student.
- 1h getting an upgrade for the wifi, needed to work better.
- 6pm starting ichill papers till midnight. Well, a lot delayed and still not finished actually...

domingo, 6 de julio de 2014

3-6 July 2014: Savings and researching

A few days without publishing make me loose track and produce less I think. To publish is to commit.

3 July

- SAVINGS. Found new provider for the Cafe way cheaper and still same quality
- Beautified the shop with some upgrades.
- Socialized and supported the opening of a film from an actor friend
- Made some calls about posible extra jobs
- social media

4 July
- bank errands
- motorbike repairing
- shopping for ichill
- social media

5 July
- new wifi system at ichill
- motorbike fixing
- social media

6 July
- 3h. Online articles 3 of 3 down. Job finished, waiting for payment.
- 3h feeding my mind with the Filipino Freethinkers.
- Exercise for healthy body and energy and awake mind.
- 3 hours researching how to lower the electric bill of our Coffee Shop.
- 1h preparing my loading phone business
- social media

Seems I didn't cash much these past days, but I did research for savings and made actual savings and upgrades, so that's also profitable work after all.

miércoles, 2 de julio de 2014

Thanks to your support I'm achieving more - 2 July 2014

Since I publish these work diaries I achieve a lot more because I'm shy to publish I haven't achieve much in the day. So you are my motivator, my father on-line or something.

- Tuned up my motorbike, I need good transportation.

- Published menu for iChill

- Programmed an interview for ABS CBN TV about iChill for next week.

- Answering online inquiries for iChill.

- Online bank errands with Spain.

- Social media marketing.

- Started report system for investors of iChill so they have better feedback of what happens every month.

- Preparing documents for Home Delivery of iChill products.

- Writing online articles I'm hired for. 2 down. Only 3 to finish this and get payed!

martes, 1 de julio de 2014

1 July 2014: creating, closing deals, writing job.

I'm naturally chaotic and ADHD so concentrating and focusing and using methods is pretty challenging for me.

Today in my daily chaos I got to

- Solved questions about next very strong promotion at iChill Theater Cafe, the best cafe in Manila.

- Write lyrics for a song in Tagalog! Yes my first ever Tagalog creation!

- Writing online articles I'm hired for. 3 down. 5 more and this job will be completed and I get payed :-)

- Meeting to start home delivery of products of iChill to all of Metro Manila! Big step!

- Groceries pampering myself because I'm working hard :-D

- Set money apart for Savings - Investment - Charity as god Kiyosaki said.

- Social media marketing for iChill and Kuya Manzano

So the conclussion of the day is I got MONEY from WRITING. And I PLANTED SEEDS for money thru the iChill PROMOTIONS and HOME DELIVERY agreement.

A good day. It would be better if the internet in the Philippines worked normally so I would write more articles.

lunes, 30 de junio de 2014

30 June 2014: Money Making Day for me.

So sometimes the urgent thing becomes the only thing that can occupy my mind. Specially if I'm in a bankrupt situation, right?

So today I invested my time in money making activities. Hope I did this more frequently.

Also I want to make this diary the hour counting system to know how many hours I dedicate to each activity to see if I'm making the most of my time. That's where the focus needs to be when needed to to a big effort to turn the numbers' color around as fast a possible.

- 2h doing social media and home minor errands.

- Spanish private lesson at 1pm for 2h.

- 4pm checking on an event rental at iChill Theater Cafe.
- Interview to teach Spanish at 5pm, but was postponed...
- 6pm started writing articles for webs online, hired job. 5 done. 6h

I would never imagined that after 3 years in the Philippines I would be payed as a writer in English, I would do theater in English and I would do concerts entirely in English. I must recognize that advancement and prize myself for it accordingly. Congrats Kuya! As I go on the spell checker online indicates less and less spelling errors :-)

Also during the Broadway concerts I sang 6 solo songs in a concert. That's my concert record so far. So congrats again Kuya!

Day conclussion: 10h of money making work, yes sir! Proud of myself. Hope I can do this everyday and will solve my economy pretty fast. I hope to keep focused.

domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

29 June 2014 Diary and work progress of an artist and businessman

Day to be at home for the whole day and catch up with errands and office work.

They proposed a swimming pool day, but it's very far from the city. Kindda feel like coz I wanna meet those new people from a humanist organization. Guess I can meet them better when there's a meeting in the city.

Programmed for artist side:
- Have to program urgent rehearsal and put up a band to join a new band contest in TV... URGENT & IMPORTANT, messages sent.
- edit videos: katipunan, broadway concert, day at Social media day. NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT.
- publish pictures of Toycon and TV interview. NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT
- social media URGENT & IMPORTANT

Programmed for money:
- Write 5 articles. URGENT AND IMPORTANT
- Banks errands online for Spain URGENT AND IMPORTANT
- prepare Spanish lesson for tomorrow URGENT AND IMPORTANT

Programmed for iChill:
- social networks URGENT AND IMPORTANT

- Clean the house NOT URGENT & NOT IMPORTANT

On GREEN the things I achieved and not HIGHLIGHTED are the tasks I didn't do. Now I realize I can post here all my pendings or it will never end. Actually I gotta fit in my agenda all the pendings so they are scheduled in realistic time frames.

I also realize how I spen time doing NOT URGENT & NOT IMPORTANT tasks when I should have done those pending tasks...

Why do I do those little things when I'm supposed to do the most important ones? Why do I get lazy about certain tasks and procrastinate forever? Why do I auto-sabotage myself very frequently?

But hey, I got to do a lot of immportant things. Specially the money part today.

sábado, 28 de junio de 2014

Achivements for 28 june 2014: concerts, public relations, business.

I plan to start publishing what I do daily in order to keep track of progress and at the same time publicly commit to achieve stuff. as I will be ashamed if I don't achieve anything and I tell you so.

For iChill Theater Cafe
- Printed flyers: URGENT AND IMPORTANT

- Printed posters: URGENT AND IMPORTANT

- Social networks marketing: NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT
- Performed concert for free for the cafe: NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT

- Programmed and assisted the concert of Sonwriters Philippines: NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT

For the artist Kuya Manzano
- Twitter marketing: NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT
- Sang Broadway concert at iChill as an exposure and to make this new production stronger, have it fresh in order to move it to other venues and sell shows in iChill as well. URGENT & IMPORTANT

For my personal wellbeing
- Realized I need a psycologist or a coach NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT
- Attended a Filipino Freethinker meeting. NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT

For my direct urgent economy

Other tasks
- Clean & dry the raincoat before wearing it again. URGENT & NOT IMPORTANT

Well. Actually I think I did a lot of things after all. I guess this is a good method to keep track and progress.

jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

Filmography - Director and producer

Started studying film directing and production back in 2004 in Spain complementing it with shows and theater production during 2005 with the Spanish Actors Guild organization.

Then came studies for script writing, video editing, and production and direction of feauture films until 2009.

Awards won for Changing Direction: official selections in international film festivals Festival del Sol and Festival El Lugar sin Limites in Spain and Ecuador.

His short film Marriage War 2004 had international film festival selections as well.

Other awards to mention: 2008 1st prize video for the Geek Pride Day in Spain, 2008 1st prize for ideas against piracy by the Spainsh Authors Society, 2007 Best Advertisement Creativity Design CEU Spain.

This film Changing Direction is a long hard piece of independent work production that started being produced in Spain in 2009 and finished it's last images and postproduction in the Philippines 2014.

During this production interval, the film has shown the work in progress preview versions in Spain and Latin America. Being enjoyed by all kinds of audiences.

Aside from both films mentioned above, he wrote and directed another short film called "The rival gender", theater plays, did writing jobs (magazines, plays, webs), audiovisual production jobs, video editing, casting direction and long list of show business related positions.


Essentially an actor and singer internationally since 1998.

Born in Madrid, son of a Philippine mother and Spanish father. He was brought to The Philippines from one to five years old and then back to Spain.

Studied some marketing and some computers and after a couple of months programming he realizaed he wanted to perform, as he always saw he's relatives in Manila do.

Started with small roles as an actor and a singer in events, tours, etc. And gets into musical theater thru zarzuela and opera starting with chorus parts and growing up untill important roles. Chosen among 700 performers to be in Spain's production of Man of La Mancha & Peter Pan.

Then Sanpol theater in Madrid hires him as the lead to play Pinoccio the musical.

He's hunger for knolegde makes him become the casting assistant of director Pape Pérez in Spain.

Always had an entreprenurial thirst so he put up a production company in Spain called, with which he would produce theater plays and audiovisual shootings.

In 2010 he flies to Shanghai (China) to lead and manage the theater performances of Madrid's pavilion in SHANGHAI 2010 UNIVERSAL EXPO.

And during 2011 we must point out his leading role in opera Noli me tangere, in The Philippines. Where he performed as Crisostomo Ibarra, the tenor.

A descendant of the national hero of The Philippines Jose Rizal, nephew of the great theater dame Ms. Baby Barredo, and nephew also of tv star Edu Manzano; he had no choice but to be now in the Philippine show business.

Lately he performed one of the lead roles in Cinemalaya's 2103 Amor y Muerte (Father Santiago). And one of the main characters in GMA TV teleserie Katipunan (Tinyente Mateo Flores).

miércoles, 16 de abril de 2014

Tips on How to Do a Good Pirouette - Ballet tricks and technique

Pirouette is a full turn of the body on the point of the toe or the ball of the foot in ballet. It is one of the most classic moves in ballet. However, it is also one of the most challenging. It takes several trials and much hard work for one to do a perfect, or at least a well-executed pirouette.

Here are a number of tips in making a good pirouette. These tips mainly revolve in three aspects namely, your position, posture, and preparation for your turn. I really wish these would help.
Hold your center.

Aim to maintain good alignment as you turn. Whether you are performing one, two, three, or more, remember to engage your core or your abdominal muscles because doing so will help you stay upright.

Practice the skill of spotting.

Spotting is a crucial skill to be able to execute good turns. It helps you maintain balance and sense of direction.

Pick out a specific space or an object at slightly above eye level. Keep your eyes off the floor, doing so will cause the upper body to drop thus, ruining your alignment.

Prepare and plié deeper.

Preparation is one of the key to achieve a good pirouette. Always start with a strong deep plié. This will help you attain much stronger pirouette, and more revolutions. Though, also keep in mind to not overdo it. Gage and analyze. Only use enough push and adequate strength.

Keep in mind proper hand positioning.

Grace must always be accompanied with strength. Most forget that using the arms is not only for presenting with style. It also serves as stabilizer and regulator of the upper body. For example, bringing the arms closer to the body, increases speed and momentum. Also, do not hold your arms in a low position for this will destabilize your upper body.

Keep your legs straight.

Your standing leg must always be kept straight after you plié until your final spin. Your legs serve as your support throughout your spin, thus it must always be firm and unbent.

Do not neglect the end of the turn.

A perfect turn does not only start perfect but also ends perfectly. No matter how good you start your turn if you neglected a good finish, you will not achieve a perfect pirouette. Remember to keep your balance until the end. Slowly lower your passé and come down from relevé.

Practice makes perfect.

It may already sound cliché but practicing often really does help. You may not get it at first try but you will if you allot sufficient time to try again. Keep the faith and believe that you will soon make a good pirouette… Your hard work will pay off very soon.

Never stop trying.

Never lose hope. Know that all the great ballerinas you dream of becoming (yes boys also haha) stumbled and fell. You will truly experience great difficulty in making a perfect turn but with practice and determination, you will surely make one in the near future.

Helpful for you? I study ballet in the Julie Borromeo Performing Arts Foundation in Mandaluyong, Manila, Philippines, and you?

I'm still trying to achieve my pirouette myself.

By the way, I will be happy if you follow in Facebook and Twitter so we can keep in touch. TY :-)

miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014

Attention! If your surname - family name is in this list, you will be able to claim Spanish citizenship!

This new project can recognize the descendants of the Jews who were thrown out of Spain for not turning into Catholicism in 1492 to become actual nowadays Spanish citizens!

Spanish Government published a list with 5.200 family names (surnames) and names from old Jewish families that will be recognized and readmitted after more than 500 years of being thrown out. 

A few days ago, the Spanish parliament started an analysis to return the citizenship to Jew descendants who were thrown out of the country in 1492 because the Catholic kings those days had a religious mission.

Those who can prove they have those family names, living or not in Spain, will be able to achieve dual citizenship. "Those foreign Sephardic citizens that prove such thing and have a special link with our country, even if they don't live legally in Spain, whatever their ideology may be, religion or beliefs", says article 23 of the Civil Code.

A.Abad, Abadía, Abarca, Abastos, Abaunza, Abbot, Abdallá, Abdalah, Abdallah, Abdelnour,Abdo, Abea, Abel, Abela, Abelado, Abella,Abellán, Abendaño, Abou, Abraham, Abrahams, Abrahán, Abrego, Abreu, Abrigo, Abril, Abufelo, Abugadba, Aburto, Acabal, Acebal, Acedo, Acevedo, Acosta, Acuña, Adames, Adamis, Adanaque, Adanis, Adis, Aedo, Agababa, Agámez, Agayón, Agrazal, Agreda, Aguayo, Agudelo, Agüero, Aguiar, Aguilar, Aguilera, Aguiluz, Aguilve, Aguinaga, Aguirre, Agurto,Agustín, Ahuja, Ahumada, Aiello, Aiza, Aizprúa, Aizpurúa, Alache, Alama, Alan, Alani, Alanis, Alanís, Alaniz, Alarcón, Alas, Alavez, Alayón, Alba, Albarello, Albarracín, Albelo, Albenda, Alburola, Alcaíno, Alcanzar, Alcázar, Alcazar, Alcibar, Alcócer, Alcóser, Alcóver, Alcózer, Aldana, Aldaña, Aldapa, Aldecoba, Alderrama, Alegría, Alejos, Alemán, Alexander, Alexandre, Alfaro, Alfonso, Algaba, Alguera, Aliaga, Alicama, Alier, Alizaga, Allan, Allon, Alluín, Almanza, Almanzar, Almanzo, Almaraz, Almazan, Almeida, Almendares, Almendárez, Almendáriz, Almengor, Almonte, Aloisio, Aloma, Alomar, Alonso, Alonzo, Alpírez, Alpízar, Altamirano, Altenor, Alterno, Altino, Altonor, Alva, Alvarado, Alvarenga, Alvares, Álvarez, Alvaro, Alvear, Alverde, Alvergue, Alvir, Alzate, Amado, Amador, Amalla, Amaris, Amaya, Amor, Amora, Amores, Amoros, Ampie, Ampié, Ampiée, Ampiee, Anaya, Anchetta, Anchez, Anchía, Anchieta, Andia, Andino, Andrade, André, Andrés, Andujar, Andújar, Andujo, Angele, Angelini, Anglada, Angulo, Anice, Anjos, Ansorena, Antelo, Antero, Antezana, Antich, Antillón, Antón, Antúnez, Anzora, Aparicio, Apolinar, Apollonio, Aponte, Aquiles, Aquino, Aragón,Aragones, Aragonés, Araica, Arana, Arancibia, Aranda, Arando, Arango, Aranjo, Araque, Arata, Araujo, Araus, Arauz, Araya, Arbaiza, Arballo, Arbelo, Arbizu, Arbizú, Arboleda, Arburola, Arca, Arcarate, Arce, Arceyudh, Arceyut, Arceyuth, Arcia, Arcía, Arciniegas, Ardila, Ardín, Ardón, Ardonnix, Areas, Arellano, Arena, Arenas, Arévalo, Argudo, Arguedas, Argüelles, Argüello, Argueta, Arguijo, Arias, Ariasdes, Arica, Arie, Ariño, Arispe, Arista, Ariza, Arjona, Armada, Armas, Armenta, Armento, Armeras, Armesto, Armijo, Arnáez, Arnau, Arnesto, Anuelo, Arnuero, Arone, Arosemena, Arquín, Arrazola, Arrea, Arredondo, Arreola, Arriaga, Arriagada, Arrieta, Arriola, Arrocha, Arroliga, Arrollo, Arrone, Arrones, Arronés, Arronez, Arronis, Arroniz, Arroyave, Arroyo, Arrubla, Artavia, Arteaga, Artecona, Artiaga, Artiga, Artiles, Artiñano, Artola, Artolozaga, Aruj, Aruizu, Arze, Arzola, Ascante, Ascencio, Asch, Asencio, Asero, Así, Asís, Aspirita, Astacio, Astete, Astorga, Astorquiza, Astúa, Asturias, Asunción, Asusema, Atehortúa, Atein, Atencio, Atensio, Atiensa, Atienza, Augusto, Ávalos, Avelar, Avellán, Avendaño, Ávila, Avilés, Avilez, Ayala, Ayales, Ayara, Ayarza, Aybar, Aycinena, Ayerdis, Aymerich, Azar, Azaria, Asofeifa, Azqueta, Azua, Azúa, Azuar, Azucena, Azul, Azuola, Azurdia.
B. Babb, Babar, Baca, Bacca, Bacigalupo, Badilla, Bado, Báez, Baeza, Baidal, Bairnales, Baizan, Bajarano, Balarezo, Baldares, Balday,Baldelomar, Balderas, Balderrama, Balderramos,Baldí, Baldi, Baldioceda, Baldivia, Baldizón,Balladares, Ballar, Ballard, Ballester, Ballestero,Ballesteros, Ballón, Balma, Balmaceda, Balmacera,Balon, Balser, Baltodano, Banegas, Banet, Banilla, Baños, Bañuelos,
Baquedano, Baquero, Baradín, Baraen, Barahoma, Barahona, Barajas,Baraquiso, Barat, Barba, Barbagallo, Barbagebra, Bárbara, Barbena, Barben,Barberena, Barbosa, Barboza, Barcelas, Barcelata, Barcenas, Barcia, Bardayan,Barguil, Barillas, Barletta, Baro, Barón, Barquedano, Barquero, Barquette, Barra, Barracosa, Barrante, Barrantes, Barraza, Barreda, Barrenechea, Barrera,Barrero, Barreto, Barrias, Barrientos, Barriga, Barrio, Barrionuevo, Barrios,Barroso, Barrot, Barrott, Barrundia, Barsallo, Bart, Bartal, Barteles, Bartels,Barth, Barvas, Baruch, Basadre, Basán, Basilio, Basti, Bastida, Bastos, Bastti,Batalla, Batán, Batista, Batres, Bautista, Bauzid, Baviera, Bayo, Bazán, Bazo,Beatriz, Becancur, Becerra, Becerril, Bedolla, Bedoya, Beeche, Beeché,Beingolea, Beita, Bejarano, Bejos, Bel, Belette, Belgrave, Bellanero, Bellido,Bello, Belloso, Belmonte, Beltrán, Beltre, Benach, Benambourg, Benambugr,Benambur, Benavente, Benavides, Benavídez, Benda, Bendaña, Bendig,Bendij, Benedictis, Beneditt, Benevides, Bengoechea, Benites, Benítez, Benito,Benzón, Berasaluce, Berciano, Berdasco, Berdugo, Berenzón, Bermejo,Bermeo, Bermudes, Bermúdez, Bernadas, Bernal, Bernardo, Bernat, Berrios,Berríos, Berrocal, Berrón, Bertel, Bertrán, Betancort, Bentancourt,Betancourth, Betancur, Betancurt, Beter, Beteta, Bethancourt, Betrano, Better,Biamonte, Binda, Blanco, Blandino, Blando, Blandón, Blau, Blum, Bobadilla,Bodán, Bogán, Bogantes, Bogarín, Bohorguez, Bohorquez, Bojorge, Bolaños,Bolívar, Bonice, Boniche, Bonichi, Bonilla, Borbas, Borbón, Borda, Bordallo,Borge, Borges, Borja, Borjas, Borjes, Borloz, Borras, Borrasé, Borredo,Borrero, Bosque, Botero, Boza, Bran, Bravia, Bravo, Brenes, Breve, Briceño,Brilla, Briones, Brito, Brizeño,Brizuela, Buencamino, Buendía, Bueno, Bueso,Buezo, Buga, Bugarín, Bugat, Bugria, Burgos, Burguera, Burgues, Burillo,Busano, Bustamante, Bustillo, Bustillos, Busto, Bustos, Buzano, Buzeta, Buzo.
C. Caamano, Caamaño, Cabada, Cabadianes, Cabal, Cabalceta, Caballero, Cabana, Cabaña, Cabeza, Cabezas, Cabistán, Cabral, Cabrera, Cabrerizo, Cáceres, Cadenas, Cadet, Cageao,Caicedo, Cairol, Cajas, Cajiao, Cajina, Cala, Calatayud, Calazán, Calcáneo, Caldas, Caldera, Calderón, Calero, Caliva, Calix, Calle, Calleja, Callejas, Callejo, Calles, Calvo, Calzada, Camacho, Camaño, Camarena, Camareno, Camarillo,Cambronero, Camona, Campabadal, Campabadall, Campodónico, Campos, Canales, Canalias, Canas, Candamo, Candelaria, Candelario, Canejo, Canessa, Canet, Canetta, Canizales, Canizález, Canizares, Canno, Cano, Canossa, Cantarero, Cantero, Cantillano, Canto, Cantón, Cañas, Cañizales, Cañizález, Capón, Carabaguias, Carabaguiaz, Caranza, Caravaca, Carazo, Carbalda, Carballo,Carbonell, Carbonero, Carcache, Carcachi, Cárcamo, Carcedo, Carcía, Cárdenas, Cárdenes, Cardona, Cardos, Cardoso, Cardoza, Cardoze, Cares, Carias, Caridad, Carit, Carlos, Carmiol, Carmona, Carnero, Caro, Carpio, Carranza, Carrasco, Carrasquilla, Carreño, Carrera, Carreras, Carrillo, Carrión, Carrizo, Carro, Cartagena, Cartago, Cartín, Carvajal, Carvalho, Carvallo, Casa, Casaca, Casafont, Casal, Casanova, Casañas, Cásares, Casas, Casasnovas, Casasola, Cascante, Casco, Casorla, Cassasola, Cásseres, Castaneda, Castañeda, Castañedas, Castaño, Castañón, Castaños, Castelán, Castellano, Castellanos, Castellón, Casteñeda, Castiblanco, Castilla, Castillo, Castro, Catania, Cateres, Catón, Cavalceta, Cavaller, Cavallo, Cavanillas, Cavazos, Cavero, Cazanga, Ceba, Ceballos, Ceciliano, Cedeño, Cejudo, Celada, Celedón, Celís, Centella, Centeno, Cepeda, Cerceño, Cerda, Cerdas, Cerna, Cernas, Cerón, Cerpas, Cerros, Cervantes, Cervilla, Céspedes, Cevallos, Cevedo, Cevilla, Chabrol, Chacón, Chamarro, Chamorro, Chanquín, Chanta, C 84 Chanto, Chavarría, Chavera, Chaverri, Chaves, Chávez, Chavira, Cheves, Chévez, Chica, Chicaiza, Chicas, Chilquillo, Chinchilla, Chinchillo, Chirino, Chirinos, Chocano, Choza, Cid, Cifuentes, Cintrón, Cisar, Cisne, Cisnero, Cisneros, Cisternas, Claro, Cleves, Cobaleda, Coe, Coello, Coen, Cohen, Coles, Colina, Colindres, Collado, Collina, Colom, Coloma, Colombo, Colomer, Concepción, Concha, Conde, Condega, Condes, Conedo, Conejo, Congosto, Conte, Contreras, Corales, Corao, Cordeiro, Cordero, Cordido, Córdoba, Cordón, Cordonero, Córdova, Cordoze, Corea, Corella, Cornavaca, Cornejo, Corona, Coronado, Coronas, Coronel, Corrales, Correa, Corredera, Corro, Corta, Cortaberría, Cortés, Cortez, Cortinez, Cortissoz, Corvera, Cosio, Cosiol, Cosme, Cossio, Costa, Cotera, Coto, Crespo, Crispín, Crispino, Cruces, Cruz, Cuadra, Cuadrado, Cuan, Cuaresma, Cuarezma, Cuarta, Cubas, Cubenas, Cubero, Cubías, Cubias, Cubilla, Cubillo, Cubillos, Cubria, Cuebas, Cuellar, Cuéllar, Cuello, Cuenca, Cuendis, Cuernavaca, Cuervo, Cuesta, Cueva, Cuevas, Cuevillas, Cunill, Cunillera, Curbelo, Curco, Curdelo.
D. Da Costa, Da Silva, Dacosta, D’Acosta,Dalorso, Dalorzo, Dalsaso, Damaceno, Damito,Daniel, Daniels, Dapuerto, Dapueto,Darce, Darche,Darcia, Darío, Dasadre, Dasilva, Dávalos, David,Dávila, Davis, D’Avola, De Abate, De Aguilar, De Alba, De Alvarado, De Benedictis, De Briones, De Camino, De Castro, De Céspedes, De Espeleta, De Ezpeleta, De Falco, De Faria, De Franco, De Jesús, De Jorge, De Juana, De La Cruz, De La Cuesta,De La Espriella, De La Fuente, De La Garza, De La Guardia, De La Herran, De La Hormaza, De La Jara, De La Mata, De La Nuez, De La O, De La Osa, De La Ossa, De La Paz, De La Peña, De La Rocha, De La Rosa, De La Selva, De La Teja, De La Torre, De La Trava, De La Vega, De Largaespada, De Las Casas, De Las Cuevas, De Las Heras, De Lemos, De León, De Lev, De Lima, De López, De Luz, De Miguel, De Miranda, De Moya, De Odio, De Óleo, De Ona, De Oña, De Paco, De Paredes, De Pass, De Paz, De Pazos, De Pedro, De Pinedo, De Prado, De Rayo, De Sárraga, De Sá, De Trinidad, De Ureña, De Vega, De Yglesias, Del Barco, Del Barrio, Del Bello, Del Busto, Del Carmen, Del Castillo, Del Cid, Del Pilar, Del Pimo, Del Río, Del Risco, Del Socorro,Del Solar, Del Valle, Delatolla, Delgadillo, Delgado, Deliyore, Dellale, Dellanoce, Delso, Delvo, Dengo, Denis, Dennis, Detrinidad, Devanda, Devandas, Devoto, Dias, Díaz, Díez, Díjeres, Díjerez, Dimas, Dinares, Dinarte, Discua, Doblado, Dobles, Dodero, Dalmus, Dalmuz, Domingo, Domínguez, Donado, Donaire, Donato, Doña, Doñas, Donzón, Dorado, Dormos, Dormuz,Doryan, Duar, Duares, Duarte, Duartes, Duenas, Dueñas, Duque, Duque Estrada, Durall, Durán, Durante, Duval, Duvall, Duverrán.
E.Echandi, Echavarría, Echeverri, Echeverría, Eduarte, Egea, Elías, Eligia, Elizalde, Elizonda, Elizondo, Elmaleh, Emanuel, Enrique, Enriques, Enríquez, Eras, Erazo, Escabar, Escalante, Escamilla, Escarré, Escobar, Escobedo, Escocia, Escorriola, Escosia, Escoto, Escovar, Escribano, Escude, Escudero, España, Esparragó, Espelerta, Espeleta, Espinach, Espinal, Espinales, Espinar, Espino, Espinosa, Espinoza, Espitia, Esquivel, Esteban, Esteves, Estévez, Estrada, Estrella.
F.Faba, Fabara, Fabián, Fábrega, Fabregat,Fabres, Facio, Faerrón, Faeth, Faiges, Fait, Faith,Fajardo, Falco, Falcón, Falla, Fallas, Farach, Farah,Fargas, Farias, Farías, Faries, Fariña, Fariñas,Farrach, Farrer, Farrera, Farrier, Fatjo, Fatjó, Faundez, Faune, Fava, Fazio, Fermández, Fermán,Fernandes, Fernández, Fernando, Ferrada, Ferrán, Ferrando, Ferraro,Ferreira,Ferreiro, Ferrer, Ferrero, Ferris, Ferro, Ferros,Fiallos, Fictoria, Fidalgo,Fierro, Figueiredo, Figuer,Figueras, Figueres, Figueroa, Filomena, Fletes,Fletis, Flores, Fonseca, Font, Forero, Formoso, Fornaguera, Fraga,Fraguela,Francés, Frances, Francesa, Francia, Francis,Franco, Fray, Frayle, Freer,Freira, Fresno, Freyre, Frías,Frutos, Fuentes, Fumero, Funes, Funez, Fúnez,Fuscaldo, Fusco.
G. Gabriel, Gadea, Gaete, Gago, Gainza, Gaitán,Galacia, Galagarza, Galán, Galarza, Galaviz, Galba,Galcerán, Galeano, Galeas, Galeno, Galera,Galiana, Galiano, Galindo, Galino, Galiñanes, Gallardo, Gallegas, Gallegos, Gallo, Galo, Galtés,Galván, Gálvez, Galvis, Gamarra, Gamazo, Gambo,Gamboa, Gámez, Garay, Garayar, Garbanzo, Garcés, García, Gardela,Gargollo, Garino, Garita, Garmendia, Garner, Garnier, Garreta, Garrido, Garro,Garrón, Garza, Garzel, Garzón, Garzona, Gaspar, Gateno,Gateño, Gavarrete,Gavilán, Gaviria, Gavosto, Gayoso,Gaytán, Gazel, Gazo, Geoyenaga, Gil,Gillén, Gilles, Giral, Giraldo, Giraldt, Giralt, Giro, Girón, Gladis, Goches,Góchez, Godines, Godínez, Godoy, Goic, Goicoechea, Goicuria, Goldenberg,Golfín, Gomar, Gómez, Gomis, Gondres,Góndrez, Góngora, Gonzaga,Gonzales, González, Gonzalo, Goñi, Gordon, Górgona, Goyenaga, Gracía,Gracias,Gradis, Grajal, Grajales, Grajeda, Grana,Granada, Granados, Granda,Grandoso, Granera, Granizo, Granja, Graña, Gras, Grau, Greco, Greñas,Gridalva, Grigoyen, Grijalba, Grijalda, Grijalva, Grillo, Guadamuz, Guadrón,Guajardo, Guardado, Guardano, Guardia, Guardián, Guardiola, Guarín,Guasch, Gudino, Gudiño, Güel, Güell, Güendel, Güendell, Guerra, Guerrero,Guevara, Guido, Guie, Guier, Guifarro, Guilá, Guillarte, Guillén, Guillermet,Guillermo, Guilles, Güillies, Guillies, Guillis,Guilloch, Guiménez, Guindos,Guitiérrez, Guitta, Guix,Gulubay, Gunera, Guntanis, Gurdián, Gurrero,Gurrola, Gustavino, Gutiérrez, Guzmán.
H.Haba, Habibe, Haenz, Harrah, Hénchoz,Henríquez, Henrriquez, Herdocia, Heredia,Herencia, Heríquez, Hermann, Hermosilla, Hernández, Hernando, Hernánez, Herra, Herradora,Herrán, Herrera, Herrero, Hevia, Hidalgo, Hierro,Hincapié, Hinostroza, Horna, Hornedo, Huerta,Huertas, Huete, Huezo, Hurtado, Hurtecho.
I. Ibáñez, Ibarra, Ibarras, Icaza, Iglesias, Ilama,Incapié, Incer, Incera, Inceras, Inces, Infante,Iracheta, Iraheta, Irastorza, Irias, Iribar, Irigaray,Irola, Isaac, Isaacs, Israel, Ivañez, Izaba, Izaguirre,Izandra, Iznardo, Izquierdo, Izrael, Izurieta
J.Jácamo, Jacobo, Jácome, Jácomo, Jaen,Jáenz, Jara, Jaramillo, Jarquín, Jarrín, Jerano, Jerez,Jiménez, Jimera, Jinesta, Jirón, Joseph, Jovel,Juárez, Junco, Juncos, Jurado.
K. Kaminsky, Klein, Kuadra.
L.La Barca, Labra, Lacarez, Lacayo, Lafuente,Lago, Lagos, Laguardia, Laguna, Lain, Laine,Lainez, Laitano, Lamas, Lamela, Lamicq,Lamugue, Lamuza, Lancho, Lanco, Landazuri,Lández, Lanuza, Lanza, Lanzas, Lapeira, Laporte,Laprade, Lara, Lares, Largaespada, Largo, Larios,Larrabure, Larrad, Larragan,Larragán, Larraguivel, Lasa, Lasantas, Láscares,Láscarez, Láscaris, Lasso, Lastra, Lastreto, Latiff,Latino, Latorraca, Laurito,Laverde, Lázaro, Lázarus, Lázcares, Lazo, Lazzo, L’Calleja, Leal, Leandra,Leandro, Ledezma, Ledo, Leitón, Leiva, Lejarza, Lemmes,Lemos, Lemus,Lemuz, Leñero, León, Lépiz, Levi, Leytón, Leyva,Lezama, Lezana, Lezcano,Lhamas, Lieberman, Lima, Linares, Linarte,Lindo, Lines, Líos, Lira, Lizama,Lizana, Lizano, Lizarme, Llabona, Llach, Llado, Llamazares, Llamosas, Llano,Lanos, Llanten, Llaurado, Llerena, Llibre, Llinas, Llobet, Llobeth,Llorca, Llorella, Llorens, Llorente, Llosent, Lloser, Llovera, Llubere,Loáciga,Loáiciga, Loáisiga, Loaissa, Loaiza, Lobo,Loeb, Loew, Loinaz, Lombardo,Londoño, Lope,Lopes, Lopera, López, Lopezlage, Loprete, Lora, Loredo, Lorente,Lorenz, Lorenzana, Lorenzen, Lorenzo, Loría, Lorío, Lorio, Lorz, Losada,Losilla,Louk, Louzao, Loynaz, Loza, Lozano, Luarca, Lucas, Lucena,Lucero,Lucke, Lugo, Luis, Luján, Luna, Lunaza, Luque, Luquez.
M.Macaya, Macedo, Maceo, Machado, Machín, Machuca, Macia, Macias, Macías, Macís, Macre, Macrea, Madariaga, Maderos, Madinagoitia, Madrano, Madrid, Madriga, Madrigal, Madril, Madriz, Maduro, Magalhaes, Magallón, Magaña, Magdalena, Maguiña, Mahomar, Maikut, Maingot, Mairena, Maisonave, Maita, Majano, Majarres, Malaga, Maldonado, Malé, Malespín, Malestín, Maltés, Maltez, Malvarez, Manavella, Mancheno, Mancia, Mancía, Mandas, Mangaña, Mangas, Mangel, Manjarres, Mans, Mansalvo, Mansilla, Manso, Mantanero, Mantica, Mantilla, Manuel, Manzanal, Manzanares, Manzano, Manzur, Marabiaga, Maradiaga, Marbes, Marbis, Marcenaro, March, Marchena, Marcia, Marcías, Marcillo, Marcos, Mardones, Marenco, Margules, María, Marichal, Marín, Marinero, Marino, Mariñas, Mariño, Marot, Maroto, Marqués, Marquez, Marreco, Marrero, Marroquín, Marsell, Marte, Martell, Martén, Martens, Martí, Martin, Martínez, Martins, Marvez, Mas, Masía, Masís, Maso, Mason, Massuh, Mastache, Mata, Matamoros, Matarrita, Mate, Mateo, Matera, Mateus, Matías, Matos, Mattus, Mattuz, Matul, Matus, Matute, Maurel, Maurer, Mauricio, Mauro, Maynard, Maynaro, Maynart, Mayo, Mayor, Mayorga, Mayorquín, Mayre, Mayrena, Maza, Mazariegos, Mazas, Mazín, Mazón, Mazuque, Mazure, Medal, Mederano, Mederas, Medeiros, Medina, Medinilla, Medoza, Medrano, Meira, Mejía, Mejías, Melara, Meléndez, Melgar, Melgarrejo, Mellado, Melo, Membreño, Mena, Menayo, Menchaca, Mendea, Méndez, Mendiantuba, Mendieta, Mendiola, Mendives, Mendivil, Mendoza, Mendreño, Menéndez, Meneses, Menjibar, Menjivar, Menocal, Meono, Meoño, Merayo, Meraz, Merazo, Merazzo, Mercado, Mercelina, Mercer, Mergarejo, Mérida, Merino, Merizalde, Merlo, Mesa, Mesales, Mesalles, Meseguer, Mesén, Messeguer, M 95 Mestayer, Meszaros, Meza, Michelena, Michelino, Micillo, Miguez, Mijangos, Mijares, Milanés, Milano, Millet, Mina, Minas, Minero,Miño, Miqueo, Miraba, Miralles, Mirambell, Miramontes, Miranda, Miro, Mirquez, Mitja, Mitjavila, Mizrachi, Mojarro, Mojica, Molestina, Molian, Molín, Molina, Molinero, Molleda, Mollinedo, Mollo, Moncada, Mondol, Mondragón, Moneda, Moneiro, Monestel, Monga, Mongalo, Móngalo, Monge, Mongillo, Monguillo, Monjarres, Monjarrez, Monjica, Monserrat, Montagné, Montalbán, Montalbert, Montalto, Montalván, Montalvo, Montana, Montanaro, Montandón, Montano, Montealegre, Montealto, Montecino, Montecinos, Monteil, Montejo, Montenaro, Montenegro, Montero, Monterosa, Monteroza, Monterrey, Monterrosa, Monterroso, Montes, Monterinos, Monteverde, Montiel, Montier, Montoya, Monturiol, Mora, Moraes, Moraga, Morales, Morán, Morazán, Moreira, Morejón, Morena, Moreno, Morera, Moriano, Morice, Morillo, Morín, Moris, Morise, Moro, Morote, Moroto, Morraz, Morúa, Morún, Morux, Morvillo, Moscarella, Moscoa, Moscoso, Mosquera, Motta, Moxi, Moya, Mozquera, Mugica, Muiña, Muir, Mulato, Munera, Mungía, Munguía, Munive, Munizaga, Muñante, Muñiz, Muñoz, Murcia, Murgado, Murgas, Murias, Murillo, Murilo, Muro, Mussap, Mussapp, Mussio, Mustelier, Muxo.
N.Naim, Naira, Nájar,Nájares, Najarro, Nájera, Nájeres, Naranjo, Narvaes, Narváez, Nasralah, Nasso, Navaro, Navarrete, Navarrette, Navarro, Navas, Nayap, Nazario, Nema, Nemar, Neyra, Nieto, Nino, Niño, Noble, Noboa, Noel, Nogebro, Noguera, Nomberto, Nora, Noriega, Norza, Nova, Novales, Novo, Novoa, Nuevo, Nuez, Nunga, Núñez.
O.Obaldía, Obanbo, Obando, Obares, Obellón, Obon, Obrego, Obregón, Ocampo, Ocampos, Ocaña, Ocaño, Ocario, Ochoa, Ocón, Oconitrillo, Ode, Odio, Odir, Odóñez, Odor, Oduber, Oguilve, Ojeda, Okarlo, Okendo, Olarte, Olaso, Olaverri, Olazaba, Olguín, Oliva, Olivar, Olivares, Olivárez, Olivas, Oliver, Olivera, Oliverio, Olivier, Oliviera, Olivo, Oller, Olmeda, Olmedo, Olmo, Olmos, Omacell, Omodeo, Ondoy, Onetto, Oñate, Oñoro, Oporta, Oporto, Oquendo, Ora, Orama, Oramas, Orantes, Ordeñana, Ordoñes, Ordóñez, Orduz, Oreamuno, Oreas, Oreiro, Orella, Orellana, Orfila, Orias, Orios, Orjas, Orjuela, Orlich, Ormasis, Ormeño, Orna, Ornes, Orochena, Orocu, Orosco, Orozco, Ortega, Ortegón, Ortiz, Ortuño, Orve, Osante, Oseda, Osegueda, Osejo, Osequeda, Oses, Osorio, Osorno, Ospina, Ospino, Ossa, Otalvaro, Otárola, Otero, Oto, Otoya, Ovares, Ovarez, Oviedo, Ozerio, Ozores, Ozuno.
P.Pabón, Pacheco, Paco, Padilla, Páez, Paguaga, País, Países, Paiz, Pajuelo, Palacino, Palacio, Palacios, Palaco, Paladino, Palazuelos, Palencia, Palma, Palomar, Palomino, Palomo, Pamares, Pampillo, Pana, Pandolfo, Paniagua, Pantigoso, Pantoja, Paña, Papez, Parada, Parado, Parajeles, Parajón, Páramo, Pardo, Paredes, Pareja, Pares, París, Parra, Parrales, Parreaguirre, Parriles, Parrilla, Pasamontes, Pasapera, Pasos, Passapera, Pastor, Pastora, Pastrán, Pastrana, Pastrano, Patiño, Patricio, Paut, Pauth, Pavez, Pavón, Paz, Pazmiño, Pazos, Pedraza, Pedreira, Pedreiro, Pedroza, Peinador, Peinano, Peláez, Pellas, Pellecer, Pena, Penabad, Penado, Pendones, Penón, Penso, Peña, Peñaloza, Peñaranda, Peñas, Peñate, Penzo, Peñón, Peraldo, Perales, Peralta, Peraza, Perdomo, Perea, Perearnau, Pereira, Pereiras, Perera, Pereyra, Pérez, Perezache, Pergo, Pericón, Perla, Perlaza, Pessoa, Peynado, Peytrequín, Pezo, Picado, Picasso, Picavea, Pichardo, Pico, Picón, Piedra, Piedrafita, Pila, Pilarte, Pimente, Pina, Pinada, Pinagel, Pinagen, Pinar, Pincai, Pincay, Pinchinat, Pineda, Pinel, Pinell, Piney, Pinillos, Pinkay, Pino, Pintado, Pinto, Pinzas, Piña, Piñar, Piñate, Piñeiro, Piñeres, Pinzón, Pío, Pion, Piovano, Piovet, Pitalva, Piza, Pizarro, Pla, Plá, Placeres, Pláceres, Plácido, Placidón, Plaja, Platero, Poblador, Poblete, Pocasangre, Pochet, Podoy, Pokoy, Pol, Polamo, Polo, Polonio, Poma, Pomar, Pomareda, Pomares, Ponares, Ponce, Pontigo, Pool, Porat, Porquet, Porras, Porta, Portela, Porter,Portero, Portilla, Portillo, Portobanco, Portocarrera, Portugués, Portuguez, Posada, Posla, Poveda, Povedano, Pozo, Pozos, Pozuelo, Prada, Pradella, Pradilla, Prado, Prat, Pratt, Pravia, Prendas, Prendis, Pretiz, Prettel, Prieto, Prietto, Primante, Prior, Prioto, Privatt, Procupez, Puente, Puentes, Puertas, Puga, Puig, Pujo, Pujol, Pulido, Pulis, Pull, Pulles, Pupo, Purcallas.
Q.Quedo, Queralt, Queredo, Querra, Quesada, Quevedo, Quezada, Quiel, Quijada, Quijano, Quinaz, Quinde, Quino, Quintana, Quintanilla, Quinter, Quintero, Quinto, Quiñones, Quiñónez, Quirce, Quiroga, Quirós, Quiroz.
R.Raa, Raabe, Raba, Rabetta, Raga, Raigada, Raigosa, Ramírez, Ramón, Ramos, Randel, Randuro, Rangel, Raphael, Rauda, Raudes, Raudez, Raventos, Raventós, Raygada, Rayo, Rayos, Real, Reales, Reazco, Recinos, Recio, Redondo, Regaño, Regidor, Regueira, Regueyra, Reich, Reina, Renderos, Rendón, Reñazco, Repeto, Repetto, Requene, Requeno, Requeño, Rescia, Resenterra, Restrepo, Retana, Reuben, Revelo, Revilla, Revollar, Revollo, Rey, Reyes, Reyna, Riba, Ribas, Ribera, Ribero, Ricardo, Ricaurte, Riera, Rileva, Rincón, Río, Ríos, Riotte, Rivalta, Rivardo, Rivas, Rivel, Rivera, Rivero, Riverón, Riveros, Rizo, Roa, Roba, Robelo, Roble, Robles, Robleto, Roboz, Roca, Rocabado, Rocca, Roch, Rocha, Roda, Rodas, Rodesma, Rodesno, Rodezno, Rodó, Rodo, Rodrigo, Rodríguez, Roe, Roig, Rois, Rojas, Rojo, Roldán, Romagosa, Román, Romano, Romero, Roque, Rosa, Rosabal, Rosales, Rosas, Rouillón, Rovillón, Rovira, Roviralta, Roy, Royo, Roys, Rozados, Rozo, Ruano, Rubí, Rubia, Rubín, Rubino, Rubio, Rucavado, Rudín, Rueda, Rugama, Rugeles, Ruh, Ruilova, Ruin, Ruiz, Romoroso, Russo.
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This law is expected to be aproved in around two months.

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viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

Philippines opened Cock - Red Turnip Theater

Cock is a funny name for a gay theater play, or isn't it gay?

Rem Zamora makes his debut as a director with a hit!

Attended the press night thanks to the always lovable PR Mr. Toots Tolentino at White Space in Pasong Tamo Extension Makati, Philippines. The place chosen to debut Cock.

The title promises interest, doesn't it? I imagined a bold modern contemporary piece and nobody took of their clothes (crying face emoticon should go here). Joking!

I'm so glad I went. 'Coz certainly it is contemporary theater and it says a lot about the new theater wave spreading in Manila.

Theater theater and pure theater, 'coz there are no props, no sets or no fancy costume changes. Simply the actors telling the story on "stage".

White Space is an art gallery turned into an improvised off Broadway style of theater. The audience sits all around the stage, which is down in the center. So for a start it's a different experience for most theater goers of the Philippines, so go experience the space and a new kind of theater proposal.

At the beginning I disapproved the use of microphones in theater once again, but then when I heard voices from the hall I realized it's not an isolated space and it needs the sound system in order to maintain the attention inside.

So after scene 3 I was inside the play and totally interested as it got more and more intense until the last moment.

I can't spoil much from the content so you can really enjoy it yourself.

I found interesting that director Rem Zamora chose to use only the power of actors with no extra help in order to tell this story about sex preferences and how much we humans tend to complicate our lives 'till the point of making us unhappy. 

And also about how other people try to manipulate us in order to achieve their own goals.

Made me think. 

Very contemporary 'coz now more than ever things are not anymore black or white and people need not to choose or give so many explanations to anyone anymore.

The actors did a fantastic realistic job. Congrats to Audie Gemora, Topper Fabregas, Niccolo Manahan and Jenny Jamora.

It's very intense, full of emotions and strategies that force the actor to think and output sincerity and full concentration. They all certainly did.

This is good quality theater and I look forward to more productions of Red Turnip Theater.

Catch COCK on the following dates:
Friday 9pm shows on March 7, 14, 21, 28 & April 4
Saturday 8pm shows on March 8, 15, 29 & April 5
Saturday 4pm show on April 5
Sunday 4pm shows on March 9, 16, 23 & April 6
Special Closing Gala at 8pm on April 6

Venue: Whitespace, Chino Roces Ave. Ext. Makati City

Visit TicketWorld (  to grab your tickets now!

lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014

Recommended theater experience: Osage County by Repertory Philippines

Part of the job of an actor is to watch a lot of theater. I give the play an 8 out of 10.

So I went to watch last production of Repertory Philippines, the number one English theater company of the Philippines.

I was glad to see it was a North American play instead of a British one coz I have a hard time understanding the British accent when I watch regularly to be sincere.

A British man who visited the Philippines told me that us Filipinos have a weird way of faking the British accent. He said we sound like Dick Van Dyke in Marry Poppins coz actors tend to imitate the accent of those days, which differs a lot from the accent of nowadays English citizens. 

Not me tho, coz I can't catch a British accent at all. I guess that's why I'm normally type casted as I hear a thousand times. Happy playing my Spanish characters in Filipino films tho. Keep them coming.

I was happy also to see the theater packed with teenager students. Very cool. That means there's interest among young people, there is hope for straight theater plays in Manila!

The play takes three hours and a half with intermissions, two of them. And you know what? It didn't seem too long nor I fell asleep even when I went being sleepy.

I still feel it's weird to watch straight plays with microphones used. I wish the actors could just project their voices and fill up the theater in the natural traditional theater acting way. Coz you know? The acting is different this way. The delivery is theatrical, which differs from TV acting.

I guess there's not enough actors in the Philippines with enough training to project their voices for theater. Coz I encountered a lot during these two years and a half working here that act with small voices or even whisper in theater as they do in life or screen acting. So I guess directors don't really miss the projection.

Acting was fantastic. And the stage design by Miguel Faustmann is super realistic and pleasant to see.

Some actors smoke on stage real cigarettes while others have electronic cigars, which is a weird contrast. I propose direction decides one only way for all.

And there was an actor, Richard Cunanan, who I didn't know and did a fantastic job. Just thought it might be a miss cast coz he is supposed to be at least 60 years old, but seems he's 30-40. Think it's a director's decision tho not to age him probably. A little weird. And I repeat, great believable acting.

A very intense play, a lot of conflicts, tension, I almost even cried with some interpretations from the actors who were concentrated and kept the character intense almost all the time.

A pool of experienced actors really. 

Thankful to see Pinky Amador back on the stage of Rep after 7 years of absence.

Do I recommend it? Yes. Go watch it. And soon you'll be ablle to compare it with the screen version with Merryl Streep.

domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

jueves, 16 de enero de 2014

Wait Untill the Dark in the Philippines - Theater thriller

Repertory Philippines is back on track to be the leading company of the Philippines.

Get ready to stick on your chair as you get totally embedded, abducted, integrated in the play, coz you will be on track 100% of the time!

Liesl Batucan plays a blind woman with her eyes totally opened and visible for the audience, and she's totally believable. At the same time she can act all her character's emotions and thoughts, and those are a lot! So hands down to Miss Liesl Batucan, Rep's veteran actress.

I can't reveal much of the plot coz I'll spoil it for you and you want to watch and experience this good theater production for your self!

Nice raining effect happening on set... watch it :-D

Arnel Carrion was playing the husband's role and jumped into the interesting role of ... OMG, I cannot tell youuuuuu.

The most interesting thing is that it's so well directed by Miguel Faustmann that you can't take your eyes off the stage. You can't expect what's going to happen next.

A delight to watch all veteran actors on stage, also there for you doing a great job Robbie Guevara, Joel Trinidad, Lorenzo Martinez and the young Dani Gana.

That's it. Catch it ON STAGE at Greenbelt 1, Makati, Manila.

viernes, 3 de enero de 2014

Articles mentioning Amor y Muerte film - Cinemalaya 2013

Here goes a list of articles commenting on Amor y Muerte film screenings and some comments on the acting.

This was a great project and I'm so proud of portraying Padre Santiago here :-)

Follow the FB page for updates ty