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How to do Hip Hop in the Philippines, interview: Aixia Mallary.

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Tips on How to Do a Good Pirouette - Ballet tricks and technique

Pirouette is a full turn of the body on the point of the toe or the ball of the foot in ballet. It is one of the most classic moves in ballet. However, it is also one of the most challenging. It takes several trials and much hard work for one to do a perfect, or at least a well-executed pirouette.

Here are a number of tips in making a good pirouette. These tips mainly revolve in three aspects namely, your position, posture, and preparation for your turn. I really wish these would help.
Hold your center.

Aim to maintain good alignment as you turn. Whether you are performing one, two, three, or more, remember to engage your core or your abdominal muscles because doing so will help you stay upright.

Practice the skill of spotting.

Spotting is a crucial skill to be able to execute good turns. It helps you maintain balance and sense of direction.

Pick out a specific space or an object at slightly above eye level. Keep your eyes off the floor, doing so will cause the upper body to drop thus, ruining your alignment.

Prepare and plié deeper.

Preparation is one of the key to achieve a good pirouette. Always start with a strong deep plié. This will help you attain much stronger pirouette, and more revolutions. Though, also keep in mind to not overdo it. Gage and analyze. Only use enough push and adequate strength.

Keep in mind proper hand positioning.

Grace must always be accompanied with strength. Most forget that using the arms is not only for presenting with style. It also serves as stabilizer and regulator of the upper body. For example, bringing the arms closer to the body, increases speed and momentum. Also, do not hold your arms in a low position for this will destabilize your upper body.

Keep your legs straight.

Your standing leg must always be kept straight after you plié until your final spin. Your legs serve as your support throughout your spin, thus it must always be firm and unbent.

Do not neglect the end of the turn.

A perfect turn does not only start perfect but also ends perfectly. No matter how good you start your turn if you neglected a good finish, you will not achieve a perfect pirouette. Remember to keep your balance until the end. Slowly lower your passé and come down from relevé.

Practice makes perfect.

It may already sound cliché but practicing often really does help. You may not get it at first try but you will if you allot sufficient time to try again. Keep the faith and believe that you will soon make a good pirouette… Your hard work will pay off very soon.

Never stop trying.

Never lose hope. Know that all the great ballerinas you dream of becoming (yes boys also haha) stumbled and fell. You will truly experience great difficulty in making a perfect turn but with practice and determination, you will surely make one in the near future.

Helpful for you? I study ballet in the Julie Borromeo Performing Arts Foundation in Mandaluyong, Manila, Philippines, and you?

I'm still trying to achieve my pirouette myself.

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