sábado, 19 de octubre de 2013

Total support for Freddie Aguilar, my new hero! - Love has no age or gender

Everybody is shocked because 60 year old celebrity singer loves a 16 year old girl. I say, so what? Better for them!
Philippine hypocrisy or envy is showing.

She loves him, he loves her. What else matters and why does it affect all the people criticism him for it?

Wanna see her happily talking about it? Check http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/10/18/13/excl-freddie-aguilars-teen-gf-speaks-mahal-ko-siya

Many grandparents couples in the Philippines started life together when under legal age.

Many Philippine women have children when still under legal age.

Many old men have sex with under age girls everyday in Manila, Angeles City and all over the Philippines thru those bars... it's known by everyone.

So the scandal comes coz it's a celebrity I guess. Coz it's public.

Well, this is the third possible wife of Freddie Aguilar. He already had another underage girlfriend before.

The daughter of Freddie Aguilar is OK with their love.

So who are you to even think you have the right to tell them what to do?

I would also love to have a teenager as a lover when I'm 60! Why not? Everyone likes teenagers, go to the magazine shop and model sites check what sells.

Kudos to Freddie Aguilar for being brave enough!

Get morals and double standards out of love!

Age gap? So what! Envious!