martes, 17 de julio de 2012

Things I want and desire

I want

I want money.

I want sex.

I want power.

I want a world with enhanced minds who don't believe nonsense they told them from birth.

I want honest police.

I want to enjoy life having pleasure every day.

I want to sing like Placido Domingo.

I want to be a rock star.

I want to be a movie star.

I want have a peaceful and relaxed life.

I want unisex toilets.

I want unisex clothing.

I want unisex names.

I want questionnaires without a gender box, or civil status box, or address box.

I want to be treated as any other customer or better.

I want special food.

I want to be the first to be attended.

I want freedom of speech and thought.

I want art with a message.

I want to be taller.

I want to be sexier.

I want a taxi company soon maybe.

I want professional employees who I can trust.

I want to create something revolutionary.

I want to create a new religion where I'm the god.

sábado, 14 de julio de 2012

National 1st price in Pinoy inventions: board game Challenge 21.

This week there was a big exposition in SMX about Philippine inventions. Inventors awarded from all over the country came to contest to win the national invention price.

I personally endorse and recommend you play and buy Challenge 21 the board game. Winner of the "Most outstanding invention 2011 NCR-RICE" and now 1st price Nation wide!

Invented by Mr. Leonard Yu and promoted by all his family everyday thru their company Global Pulse (phone: 522 85 83).

This game has been played, as you can see their endorsements in the expo, by generals, doctors, lawyers... and all recommend it as an outstanding new game.

It enhances your mind and your kids and friends minds at the time it promotes family bonding.

It's a mixture of tic-tac-toe, chess, checkers, scrabble. A strategy competition where you will need to pursue your goal at the time you block others, so they don't achieve it before you.

You need to get 21 points or more in order to win the game and say DEAL!

How? Forming figures with your triangle colored pieces. Depending on how you combine them it will add or rest points. The figures have names related with animals and farm: kite, butterfly, shark teeth...

And they're offering a job-business opportunity now. If you think you can sell the game because you have a store or many friends into this kind of games... call the company 'coz they have big discounts for bulk buyers.

A good way of training your brain: imagination, strategic thinking, having fun. Recommended for elder to maintain, younger to develop, and middle to strengthen.

I had a great time, have it at home, already gave it as a birthday gift to a friend and her daughter and can't wait to play again.