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Achieving your goals - How to achieve your goals for sure

What motivates me to do and accomplish things? - Answering the Twitter question by @kateeputhputh 

I move searching pleasure. What gives me happiness and makes me feel good is what I aim for.

Accomplishing it or not totally depends on us, that's what I believe.

If I put enough effort and concentrate with something I'll most probably achieve it.

As my dad in law says. Make a plan and follow your plan.

The first thing you need to know is where you want to go.

So I say. First ask myself what will make me happy?

Then how can I achieve that? What are the steps I need to walk to get there?

Not meaning a super general step like "work hard 'till you get it".

The plan has to be concrete and meditated. A real action plan. With steps and dates to achieve each step. Realistic dates.

Step 1: say 2 weeks for example, step 2: say another week... and so on 'till you walk that final step and you achieve.

So after writing down your plan, you'll know how long it can take you to achieve your goal.

Knowing how long it takes will make it become more realistic to achieve for you, you'll be more motivated and happier.

Write down your progress and check your achievements.

Review the plan and show it to people you respect and who can maybe guide you thru some of the steps to make it even faster or easier.

Whatever they tell you, you are the owner of the plan and the project, and you believe and defend it 'till the end. 'Coz even if others don't believe in it, it will take you to your goal if it's well planned.

If some of the steps are big or complicated, break them down in pieces. Define mini steps for of how to achieve it. Also with the dates to do each thing.

I post in my FB my step by step progress as a proof of achievement.

Imagine you are driving a car to go to another province to see your auntie.

From the moment you sit behind the stirring wheel, you still can't see the house of your auntie, right?

You know anyway that if you keep on driving, recharging fuel, stopping to eat, etc... you'll arrive approximately at certain time to your auntie's house. Right?

And you get there 'coz you know the way or checked a map. You know what path to follow, what steps to take. See? It's the same process!

You just have to follow kilometer after kilometer, step after step, and you will arrive your destination.

I hope this inspires you and helps you achieve and you come back to me to tell me about it with a comment below.

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