lunes, 30 de junio de 2014

30 June 2014: Money Making Day for me.

So sometimes the urgent thing becomes the only thing that can occupy my mind. Specially if I'm in a bankrupt situation, right?

So today I invested my time in money making activities. Hope I did this more frequently.

Also I want to make this diary the hour counting system to know how many hours I dedicate to each activity to see if I'm making the most of my time. That's where the focus needs to be when needed to to a big effort to turn the numbers' color around as fast a possible.

- 2h doing social media and home minor errands.

- Spanish private lesson at 1pm for 2h.

- 4pm checking on an event rental at iChill Theater Cafe.
- Interview to teach Spanish at 5pm, but was postponed...
- 6pm started writing articles for webs online, hired job. 5 done. 6h

I would never imagined that after 3 years in the Philippines I would be payed as a writer in English, I would do theater in English and I would do concerts entirely in English. I must recognize that advancement and prize myself for it accordingly. Congrats Kuya! As I go on the spell checker online indicates less and less spelling errors :-)

Also during the Broadway concerts I sang 6 solo songs in a concert. That's my concert record so far. So congrats again Kuya!

Day conclussion: 10h of money making work, yes sir! Proud of myself. Hope I can do this everyday and will solve my economy pretty fast. I hope to keep focused.

domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

29 June 2014 Diary and work progress of an artist and businessman

Day to be at home for the whole day and catch up with errands and office work.

They proposed a swimming pool day, but it's very far from the city. Kindda feel like coz I wanna meet those new people from a humanist organization. Guess I can meet them better when there's a meeting in the city.

Programmed for artist side:
- Have to program urgent rehearsal and put up a band to join a new band contest in TV... URGENT & IMPORTANT, messages sent.
- edit videos: katipunan, broadway concert, day at Social media day. NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT.
- publish pictures of Toycon and TV interview. NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT
- social media URGENT & IMPORTANT

Programmed for money:
- Write 5 articles. URGENT AND IMPORTANT
- Banks errands online for Spain URGENT AND IMPORTANT
- prepare Spanish lesson for tomorrow URGENT AND IMPORTANT

Programmed for iChill:
- social networks URGENT AND IMPORTANT

- Clean the house NOT URGENT & NOT IMPORTANT

On GREEN the things I achieved and not HIGHLIGHTED are the tasks I didn't do. Now I realize I can post here all my pendings or it will never end. Actually I gotta fit in my agenda all the pendings so they are scheduled in realistic time frames.

I also realize how I spen time doing NOT URGENT & NOT IMPORTANT tasks when I should have done those pending tasks...

Why do I do those little things when I'm supposed to do the most important ones? Why do I get lazy about certain tasks and procrastinate forever? Why do I auto-sabotage myself very frequently?

But hey, I got to do a lot of immportant things. Specially the money part today.

sábado, 28 de junio de 2014

Achivements for 28 june 2014: concerts, public relations, business.

I plan to start publishing what I do daily in order to keep track of progress and at the same time publicly commit to achieve stuff. as I will be ashamed if I don't achieve anything and I tell you so.

For iChill Theater Cafe
- Printed flyers: URGENT AND IMPORTANT

- Printed posters: URGENT AND IMPORTANT

- Social networks marketing: NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT
- Performed concert for free for the cafe: NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT

- Programmed and assisted the concert of Sonwriters Philippines: NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT

For the artist Kuya Manzano
- Twitter marketing: NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT
- Sang Broadway concert at iChill as an exposure and to make this new production stronger, have it fresh in order to move it to other venues and sell shows in iChill as well. URGENT & IMPORTANT

For my personal wellbeing
- Realized I need a psycologist or a coach NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT
- Attended a Filipino Freethinker meeting. NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT

For my direct urgent economy

Other tasks
- Clean & dry the raincoat before wearing it again. URGENT & NOT IMPORTANT

Well. Actually I think I did a lot of things after all. I guess this is a good method to keep track and progress.