jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

Filmography - Director and producer

Started studying film directing and production back in 2004 in Spain complementing it with shows and theater production during 2005 with the Spanish Actors Guild organization.

Then came studies for script writing, video editing, and production and direction of feauture films until 2009.

Awards won for Changing Direction: official selections in international film festivals Festival del Sol and Festival El Lugar sin Limites in Spain and Ecuador.

His short film Marriage War 2004 had international film festival selections as well.

Other awards to mention: 2008 1st prize video for the Geek Pride Day in Spain, 2008 1st prize for ideas against piracy by the Spainsh Authors Society, 2007 Best Advertisement Creativity Design CEU Spain.

This film Changing Direction is a long hard piece of independent work production that started being produced in Spain in 2009 and finished it's last images and postproduction in the Philippines 2014.

During this production interval, the film has shown the work in progress preview versions in Spain and Latin America. Being enjoyed by all kinds of audiences.

Aside from both films mentioned above, he wrote and directed another short film called "The rival gender", theater plays, did writing jobs (magazines, plays, webs), audiovisual production jobs, video editing, casting direction and long list of show business related positions.


Essentially an actor and singer internationally since 1998.

Born in Madrid, son of a Philippine mother and Spanish father. He was brought to The Philippines from one to five years old and then back to Spain.

Studied some marketing and some computers and after a couple of months programming he realizaed he wanted to perform, as he always saw he's relatives in Manila do.

Started with small roles as an actor and a singer in events, tours, etc. And gets into musical theater thru zarzuela and opera starting with chorus parts and growing up untill important roles. Chosen among 700 performers to be in Spain's production of Man of La Mancha & Peter Pan.

Then Sanpol theater in Madrid hires him as the lead to play Pinoccio the musical.

He's hunger for knolegde makes him become the casting assistant of director Pape Pérez in Spain.

Always had an entreprenurial thirst so he put up a production company in Spain called Audiciones.net, with which he would produce theater plays and audiovisual shootings.

In 2010 he flies to Shanghai (China) to lead and manage the theater performances of Madrid's pavilion in SHANGHAI 2010 UNIVERSAL EXPO.

And during 2011 we must point out his leading role in opera Noli me tangere, in The Philippines. Where he performed as Crisostomo Ibarra, the tenor.

A descendant of the national hero of The Philippines Jose Rizal, nephew of the great theater dame Ms. Baby Barredo, and nephew also of tv star Edu Manzano; he had no choice but to be now in the Philippine show business.

Lately he performed one of the lead roles in Cinemalaya's 2103 Amor y Muerte (Father Santiago). And one of the main characters in GMA TV teleserie Katipunan (Tinyente Mateo Flores).